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YOU are Invited to Volunteer Your Time & Talents and/or Make a Financial Donation

For This Year’s Pi Day Party!

Goals of this Event

  • Inspire home-educated kids of all ages to want to study Math
  • Encourage and equip home-educating parents
  • Teach lessons in Math and in other subjects related to Math
  • Help students discover that Math and logical thinking skills are
  • important to so many areas of life

What is Pi Day?

Each year, Tech Eagles Bristol sponsors a Pi Day Party near March 14th (3.14) to teach kids about math! The purpose of our Pi Day Party is to teach kids and teens a bit of math, but more than that, to inspire kids and teens to want to learn about math! Want more information on Pi Day? Click Here to Learn More!

When and Where is the Pi Day Party?

  • Friday March 11, 8:30-3:00
  • First Presbyterian Church, 701 Florida Avenue, Bristol TN
  • Volunteer opportunities 7:30—4:30 (but you don’t have to volunteer the WHOLE day! See below!)

How Can I Volunteer My Time?

Fill out the Form-Fill below!!  Keep scrolling down—we’d love to hear how you’d like to help! 

How Can I Donate Money?

Teresa Barker is the treasurer for this event.

EITHER send money via PayPal by CLICKING HERE

OR mail a check (payable to Teresa Barker) to: Teresa Barker 15252 Barnrock Rd Mendota, VA 24270

Any amount is welcome.  The video below explains where the money will be spent. Any donor is welcome to ask for a financial report of the event, which will be ready within 4 weeks after the event.

How will donated money be used?  What do kids do all day?

But What Would I be Doing?

We have many jobs that need to be filled. Here is a brief description of the different ways to help out. Volunteers will be able to perform multiple jobs throughout the day.

#1 Help Set Up: For this job we will need volunteers who can help set up tables and chairs, unload supplies, and whatever else is needed to get ready for our party!

#2 Help Direct Traffic: We will need volunteers who can help cars park safely and help direct people to where they need to be.

#3 Welcome Parents: We need volunteers who can welcome parents, give a matching wristband to each kid and his parent, confirm which registered people have arrived, and direct them to their groups

#4 Organize Pies: We need volunteers who can take the organize the pies as they arrive and sort which pies need to be refrigerated.

#5 Organize Lunches: We need volunteers who can make sure kids’ lunch bags and water bottles get tagged
(if unmarked) and placed into the right places for their group’s lunch break

#6 Serve as a Group Guide: The group guide will chaperone a group of kids from one classroom to the next all morning, then be with them during their picnic lunch break.

#7 Serve as a Backup or Assistant teacher: The assistant teacher will be willing and able to fill in for the teacher if he/she must be absent. They will also be willing to lend a hand and assist the main teacher with their activities.

#8 Serve in prayer room: We need volunteers to serve in the Prayer Room, by taking turns praying silently over prayer cards, possibly praying with a parent who wants someone to pray with her, and walking around observing silently and praying while you observe.

#9 Organize Papers: We need volunteers who can go get papers from each classroom, as that class ends.  Papers will have students’ first and last name on them.  Those papers will need to be sorted into the appropriate Family Bag.

#10 Help set up for the Math Scavenger Hunt: We need volunteers who can help set up the various stations of the math scavenger hunt.

#11 Host a Math Scavenger Hunt station: We need volunteers who can lead the various stations of the math scavenger hunt. (such as money counting, step counting, etc—see video for more info).

#12 Judge the math scavenger hunt: We need volunteers that can help facilitate the math scavenger hunt and make sure that all the participants are following the rules.

#13 Help organize the Door Prize Tables: We need volunteers to organize the table for the prizes, so that they are visible and orderly.

#14 Tally scores from math scavenger hunt: These volunteers will need to be able to bring a laptop and be able to use Excel to tally scores for the Math Scavenger Hunt teams.

#15 Help Manage Door Prizes as Kids Choose them: We need volunteers that can keep the prize table orderly and help kids find the right door prizes.

#16 Prepare the Pies to be eaten: We need volunteers that can prepare the pies to be eaten. They will create 3 separate pie lines. These lines will not have the same pies in each line and not every line gets to choose from every pie.

#17 Serve Pies to kids: We need volunteers that can serve the pies (wearing gloves) and keep the line to the pies orderly.

#18 Take Down and Clean up: We need volunteers to help us clean up after the party and help load materials back into cars.

Yes! I’d Like to Volunteer!

#1 What would you be WILLING to do? Check any that apply.(Required)
#2 What do you MOST WANT to do? Check only a few.(Required)
Check which applies to you.
Have you had Youth Protection Training?(Required)
Due to our commitment to youth protection, we ask every volunteer to give the name and phone number of a reference.(Required)