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YOU Are Invited to Volunteer at the Pi Day Party 2023!

Wed. March 22 & Fri. March 24
Help for Part or All of the Day

This video explains what the Pi Day Party is and all the different ways to help.

Watch the whole video! Or, if you prefer, just skip ahead to one of these time stamps:

0:00 Intro Info

1:57 What the Pi Day Party Schedule is: an Overview

4:35 Why We Do This Event

5:20 Prayer Support

7:04 Teacher’s Assistant,8:30am — noon, or a smaller time within that

9:10 Alison references this page:

9:15 Group Guide, 8:20am — 12:30pm

10:55 Host of Scavenger Hunt Station,


14:14 Help with Doorprizes,1:30pm–2:30pm

14:55 Behind-the-Scenes Work, All Day

16:28 Morning Helpers 8:00am–9:00am

17:00 Stories about Why This is Needed and How its been Successful

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