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tech eagles new name
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Why are we changing our name?

The name Tech Eagles illustrates who we are as a company and how we strive to serve our clients.

Eagles are symbolic for freedom. If your technology is not working for you, it’s working against you. The right technology will free up your time and your mind so you can focus on what you really want to do in your business.

The internet is a scary place: bad guys keep changing their strategies, and they’re quite competent at hacking networks and stealing data.  What are you doing to secure your business from these every-changing threats? If you want to be free to accomplish your goals even in this online world, you must have the right protections in place.  

We have an eagle-eye for cybersecurity; we fly high in providing fast and compassionate service.  Our clients reach new heights of productivity and peace of mind.

The name Tech Eagles is merely a reflection of all of this.  We are thrilled to partner with our clients as we move forward together.  We are the same progress-oriented company, under this new, strong brand.

Same owners. Same incredible geeks. New name.

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