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Multi-Factor Authentication:
The Weakest Link in Your Cybersecurity Protections,
and What to Do About It

Ransomware is on the rise. You’ve probably heard about this in the news. What you may not have heard is that over 87.5% of all cyber incidents are directly related to your employees. Either carelessly or maliciously, employees’ actions are THE weakest aspect of your Cybersecurity protections.

That said, we’re so glad you’re here!

Below is a quick 2.5 minute video with clear instructions on how to set up MFA. We know it’s inconvenient, but you have trusted us with your information technology, so please believe us when we say, the security it adds is worth the annoyance and then some!

The video shows the steps required to take in order to successfully enable MFA on your account if MFA is set to be a requirement.


 If you keep your current option of letting each user decide to enable MFA or leave it off, there are a few additional steps to take before following the steps in the video.

1.) Sign into your account at

2.) Click on your initials (or Profile Picture) in the top right corner

3.) Select “My Account”

4.) Navigate to “Security Info”

5.) Click the prompt to add MFA to your account. After these are complete please follow the video for the steps to finish adding MFA to your account.

Our hope is that everyone on your team can use the instructions provided to quickly and easily set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your devices.

You probably won’t need to call us for help with this, but we are happy to help if needed.

If you follow the steps in that video and still have questions, we’re happy to help you. Fill out the form below to schedule a 15-minute remote appoin

We will invoice you $27 each for any such appointments.