January 13, 2017

Hassle-Free IT Support

Hassle-Free IT Support

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Wesley J. Harris,
MD, Partner
Bristol Gynecology & Obstetrics

“Thanks to Holston IT, we never experience downtime, and we know our patient data is secure!”

Bristol Gynecology & Obstetrics is a Pro-Life practice, and all of their providers are currently accepting new patients.

Dr. Wes Harris is a leader in our region for managing high-risk pregnancies, treating
Gynecologic Cancer, and conducting Gynecologic Surgery. He has written and published two songs promoting pro-life

Dr. David Russell completed his medical training at UT. His special interests include gynecologic surgery and laparoscopy. Riding atop his tractor at his family farm is his favorite pastime.

Dr. Ross Spires is a teaching fellow at the Quillen College of Medicine at ETSU. He has done medical and evangelical mission work in Romania,
Venezuela, and Haiti.

Stacie McCray, NP spent years working in Intensive Care Units and Cardiac Cath Labs prior to joining BGO.

249 Midway Medical Park, Ste 101
Bristol, TN 37620

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by Wesley J. Harris, M.D., Partner, Bristol Gynecology & Obstetrics

We first formed a partnership with Holston IT about a decade ago. Prior to that, we’d been relying on someone we trusted to take care of our IT needs, but he was only available part-time. We realized that we needed to be able to access computer support full-time.

Holston IT has kept us up and running consistently; we have never had downtime. This is especially significant considering how complex our Information Technology needs have been. They have helped us incorporate multiple systems to work together effectively. As an example, we’ve journeyed through three different Electronic Medical Record Software programs, and Holston IT has been on hand to make sure everything was working securely and efficiently.

The high quality of service from everyone on the Holston IT team is remarkable. We first had just Tim, then Andy, Logan, and now they have more team members. I have been impressed with each person. The transition from one technician to another is fairly seamless. I have never felt that anyone was going to “have to get up to speed” in order to understand our network. Quite the opposite is true: anyone from Holston IT who comes to our door, even a brand-new hire, already understands our IT needs and is ready to get to work. The level of competent communication that demonstrates among members of their team is remarkable—and it saves us time. To us, time is money. We don’t have time to be always training the newest hire from one of our vendors. With Holston IT, we never have that concern.

Their response time is somewhere between right away and very fast. They have always had someone available to help us when we had an urgent need, and their service is prompt even for non-urgent needs.

We are a busy medical office with three physicians, one nurse practitioner, and many supporting staff. Holston IT has been a constant presence in our practice for years. Because of this, we have peace of mind regarding the security of our patient’s data, our HIPAA Compliance, and the general reliability of our network. They help manage the changes, regulations, and security measures that are necessary to run a contemporary practice. Our trust level is so high that we physicians have even used Holston IT in our homes. They’ve optimized the efficiency of our families’ technology needs.

I understand many complex issues and take great delight in my decades of service welcoming babies into the world and taking care of women’s health needs. But I don’t understand the complexities of cybersecurity, and I don’t need to do so. I know that Holston IT has me covered in that regard.

I would highly recommend the Holston IT team to any business owner who wants to be competitive and remain current. Doing so requires efficient and secure information technology. We are happy that Holston IT manages all of that for us!

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