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Are you called to be a good steward? Today it means something different than it did 20 years ago, with the constant need for improvements to get your church “current” and meet the ever-changing needs of today!

And one thing a lot of church leaders DON’T know is that they are also responsible for sheltering their members information.

Think about it.

Prayer requests, pictures, and the great golden egg- the church directory, you have a lot of people’s personal information in your system! What would happen if a bad guy got ahold of Suzie Q’s email address and sent malware to your entire congregation? How about if they got into your system and stole your church’s credit card information? When was the last time you thought about sheltering that?

Several thoughts for you:

-Taking care of your people and loving them well means taking care of their personal information.

-Time is the most limited resource we have. The Bible tells us our days are numbered, and indeed, so they are.

How much time are YOU wasting fighting bad technology every day? That encounter with the router last week took you an entire 3 hours of your life you can NEVER get back.

-The thing is, if you’re working in the church, we know you want to spend time pouring into the lives of your people instead of struggling with the printer for hours on end.

-Maybe this level of frustration has been part of your sanctification process! But perhaps now is the time to remove the IT stumbling block from your week so you can love on your people and work on their daily needs.

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