December 2, 2019

Celebrating the Season of Giving with a Fun, Inexpensive, Kid-Friendly Activity

Celebrating the Season of Giving with a Fun, Inexpensive, Kid-Friendly Activity

Are you crazy-busy during this holiday season?  Would you like an easy way to step away from the hectic pace for a few minutes and experience something fun with your kids?

The Bristol Public Library has made it so easy to do just that.   To learn how you can participate, watch this quick video and look through the detailed FAQ list posted below the video.

[vll_video id=”g9P17fBvy6s” thumb=”mqdefault”][/vll_video]

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait! Watch the video first! This FAQ list will make more sense if you watch the video first.

How big can my tree be?

Trees should measure approximately 2 feet tall or less.

Where does the Christmas Tree Parade Take Place?

At the downtown location of the Bristol Public Library.  701 Goode St, Bristol, VA 24201

Do you have to be a member of the Bristol Public Library to participate?

No. Anyone from our community is welcome to participate.

What do I have to do to join the parade?

  1. Decorate a small tree (approximately 2 feet or less) using a children’s book as the theme of your decorations.
  2. Bring the book you used as inspiration and the tree to the Children’s Section of the library.
  3. Let the librarians make a color copy of your book; then you can take your book home.
  4. Let the librarians put your tree on display.
  5. Come pick up your tree anytime between Christmas and January 8th.

Can adults help the kids?

Absolutely!  Adult interaction is welcome.  This is a great way for you and your child to connect and do something together.  Let the child be the leader, and just come alongside him implement his great ideas!

Do you have to use a Library Book as your inspiration?

No. You can use a personally owned book or a library book.  Either is fine.  Just be sure to bring the book with you when you bring your tree.  A librarian needs to borrow your book for a minute to make a copy of the book’s cover.  This photocopy of the book will be displayed next to your tree, so that everyone will know the source of your inspiration!

Do you have to use handmade ornaments?

Absolutely not! The 2nd picture on this article, a tree inspired by a Where’s Waldo, is an example of how easy it is to use store-bought ornaments to fit your chosen theme.

Do you have to use an actual tree?

No! There have been some very creative entrants over the years—one year someone made a tree-like shape using coat hangers!

You are welcome to be creative, so long as the final creation is somewhat tree-shaped and approximately 2 feet tall or less.

In the third picture on this page,  someone created the shape of a tree by spray-painting huge commercial sized toilet-paper rolls.  Her tree is based on the book 5,000 Awesome Facts.  Wow!  Looks great!

Do I have to be super-creative and unique?

No. The purpose is just to have fun and share your excitement for a book you love!   In the fourth picture here, the parade participant just made color copies of illustrations from Flora and the Peacocks and turned those copies into ornaments!

When is the Duedate?

There is an informal “People’s Choice” award that will be selected the evening of Tuesday, December 11th.  So, have your tree delivered to the library by then if you’d like to participate in that.

However, you can bring a tree to join the parade anytime in December!   So there’s not really a duedate.   The emphasis is on it being a parade, not a contest.

Can I bring a tree with Electric Lights?

Decorations must not require a plug-in for electricity.  Battery operated decorations are allowed, but the owner must provide the batteries and the tree must have an on/off switch.

How Should I Decorate My Tree?

  • Be Creative or be simple, or some of both!
  • You must provide your own tree—or, as mentioned above, something that is tree-shaped—approximately 2 feet tall or less.
  • There’s not a wrong way to do this—let the children’s book you selected inspire you.
  • All trees must be free standing and will be viewed 360 degrees.   Decorations should be all around the tree for everyone’s enjoyment.
  • Tree skirts and other items can be added around the display.
  • Ornaments should be attached securely to the branches.  Please do not use any item that is personally precious or easily damaged.  The library will not be responsible for lost/damaged/stolen items.

Come and See! Whether or not you join the Christmas Tree Parade, be sure to come by the Bristol Public Library this month to simply see all the fun trees that others have created!

During this Season of Giving, we celebrate the Bristol Public Library!

  • We thank everyone at BPL for hosting this parade and inviting the children in our community to join it. You give great happiness and cheer both to the kids who “march” in the parade and to the kids who simply visit the library this month and are inspired by these trees.
  • We thank the library for giving us busy adults an easy way to connect with our kids as we celebrate the books they love! We all want to nurture in our kids a lifelong love of reading, and this activity is such a great tool toward that important goal.