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Protecting Your Business Might Be Easier Than You Think…

The number one way hackers come into your business is through your business email.  

In this short video, TJ Scott, Technical Account Manager over here at Tech Eagles will show you IronScales, our current favorite solution for combating this threat.  

What is IronScales?

IronScales is an easy to use anti-phishing platform which keeps the junk from even hitting your inbox so you have a lot less to worry about from employees clicking a bad link.


  • Over 60% of businesses experienced phishing or social engineering attack in 2019.  
  • About 95% of Malware Starts with Email.   
  •  PDF attachments are the most commonly infected file delivery type.  
  • Phishing attacks designed for MOBILE EMAIL are on the rise! 
  • Small Businesses (1-250 employees) have the highest phishing to real email ratio (est. 1 out every 300).