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HIT Christmas Gift Guide 2019


Have you procrastinated on Christmas shopping until the last minute? We’ve got some stellar gift ideas for you!

Amerelle Emergency Lights For Home by Amertac: $21.98

Tired of fumbling around in the dark when the power goes out? Amertac’s got a bright idea for you!

This nifty little gadget automatically comes on when the power fails. As a bonus, this power failure light also unfolds into a flashlight!

LED, portable and rechargeable.

Silicone Floppy Disk Drink Coasters: $15.99

Need we say more?

FIXD Automotive VIZR: $39.99

When it comes to driving, the forces that aim to keep us safe seem to be in constant battle with convenience.

We’re supposed to keep our eyes glued to the road while trying to navigate through Google Maps —without missing a single turn.  It’s a dangerous combination.  With their new VIZR tool, FIXD Automotive hopes to change this. Here’s how it works:

Select the features you like, connect VIZR to your phone, and place it on your dashboard.  It then creates a transparent display.

This way, FIXD says, you can seamlessly navigate without ever glancing at your phone and putting your life in jeopardy.

Galaxy Watch Active2: $229 

The slim and lightweight design on the Galaxy Watch Ac tive2 make it a great choice for anyone looking to be more active in the new year while tracking their vitals and having music and a variety of other apps at their fingertips.

Galaxy Watch Active2 Includes Bixby voice functionality, an impressively long-lasting battery, and a range of bands and metals for extra personalization.

Smart Thermostat With Voice Control: $199.99

A thermostat with voice control? That’s right! This thermostat has voice control built in, and also works with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT and more! So not only voice activation, but you can also control your thermostat from your smartphone!

Quick and easy to set up, this little thermostat has been saving customers money on heating and cooling costs as they have more control over the temperature in their homes.

Bose SoundLink Micro, Portable Outdoor Speaker: $69

Need tunes in difficult terrian? Check out this high-quality waterproof bluetooth speaker.

BK01 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Kit Hands-Free Wireless Talking & Music Streaming Receiver: $24.99

This nifty device is great for those of us who frequently find ourselves in the car.

It allows you to connect your smartphone to the phono-jack of any radio/ stereo without having to leave your phone wired to it.

Translation: easy wireless hands-free music and phone calls!

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service: $99.99

Did someone say FREE home phone service?

Ooma has come up with a way of allowing you to pay a one-time purchase fee of $99.99 and then afterwards you’ll only pay the applicable monthly taxes and fees.

This all comes with some great options such as hooking up the device to Amazon Echo and blocking robo-callers!

The Mavic Mini Drone FyCam Quadcopter: $399

The Mavic Mini weighs under 250 grams, that’s nearly as light as the average smartphone!

The small and lightweight design of the Mavic Mini allows the device to stay in the air longer with extended battery life! Get high-quality footage at unbelievable heights and angles with this little drone, giving you a new perspective on your family vacations.

Anker Powerline+ USB C to USB A Fast Charging Cable: $10.99

Our Bristol tech-team can’t stop raving about these cords! High-quality, fast-charging, long-lasting, and a 3ft or 6ft option. What’s not to love?

UTLEY Wireless Vertical Mouse: $20.99

Alison’s a huge fan of this vertical mouse! This is a great hand-saver for anyone experiencing symptoms of carpel tunnel, though it is a little large compared to regular devices. So large, in fact, Alison’s own vertical mouse was labeled a not a mouse but a “rat” by a clever client.

As a bonus, this mouse is wireless and rechargeable for easy use!

TC1200 Flashlight: $89.98

Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, the TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight has a powerful beam 25 times brighter than an ordinary flashlight.  To prove its durability, the designers sent it on a 21mile fall to Earth.  It survived just fine.  It boasts five modes: low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS.  The strobe feature can even temporarily blind an animal or person, so this is NOT for kids! But for a long hard job in the dark, or an emergency backup light for power failures, this 1200 lumen handheld gizmo gets 5 stars.

Perhaps best of all, it only requires three AAA batteries or one Liion rechargeable battery.

Fire TV Recast: $129.99

Over-the-air digital video recorder which holds up to 500 GB! Record and watch TV on the same device! An Alexa compatible device, use your voice to search shows and manage recordings.

FlexSafe:  Protect Your Valuables: $69.95

We all know the security dilemma that comes with a day of sun, sand, and waves:

When it comes time to set aside your stuff and get wet, where do you put that stuff?

FlexSafe is a handy, personal, portable safe designed to stave off thieves, wherever you are.  Water-resistant, slash-proof, RFID-blocking, and equipped with a heavy-duty three-digit combination lock, it turns you from an easy target into a walking fortress. The bag-shaped design clips into itself, allowing you to secure it to a beach chair, umbrella or any other unwieldy surface and go on your merry way without worry.

At $69.99, it could be a sound investment for regular beachgoers.