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Dark Sky: An App That’ll Add Sunshine To Your Day

Six years ago, a crazy idea hit  an app that would predict the weather.

But wait, wasn’t the market already saturated with weather apps?   Thankfully, a “handful of generous strangers” thought Jack  and Adam were on to something,  and enabled them to go forward.

Last month, Alison said to Logan, “I am so tired of clicking on this free weather app on my phone and all I get is ads, ads, ads. I just want to know the weather!   Is that too much to expect?  Any suggestions? Logan, true to form, saved the day with his insight.  “I use Dark Sky.  It’s absolutely amazing.  It’s not free, but—good news is it’s only $4.00.”

Hyperlocal forecasts, many kinds of notifications, beautiful maps, and the lack of ads . . . The quality of this app, figuratively speaking, is a warm ray of sunshine.
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