December 15, 2022

5 Tech Tips for Hassle Free Holiday Travels

5 Tech Tips for Hassle Free Holiday Travels

With the holidays upon us, everyone is traveling here and there to see friends and family. Traveling can be stressful, and everyone needs a few pointers on how to make their travels easier. Whether you are flying, driving, or catching a ride this season, be sure to use these tech tips to make your ventures as smooth as possible.

1. Access Google Maps Offline

Did you know that you can use Google Maps offline? Sometimes out there on the open road, service isn’t always readily available. So, before you leave home, when you’re connected to your Wi-Fi, tap on your blue location pin on the screen. Select “Download Offline Map.” Whatever map is currently displayed on your screen will download so you can access it when you’re offline. Download the local maps of your destination so that you can travel like a local with ease!

2. Check Trusted Websites for Wi-Fi Passwords

Lots of places now offer public Wi-Fi. Make sure that you are always connected! Sites such as FourSquare will allow you to search for the location that you are visiting to see if they have Wi-Fi, and a lot of times, the password will be presented to you there. You may also luck out and find a new spot for some amazing grub!

3. Charge Your Electronics with What is Provided

We all carry a ton of electronics on the road every day – smart watches, tablets, cell phones, and laptops. If you forget your wall plugs when you hit the road, have no fear! Most hotels have televisions that will allow you to plug a USB directly into it! Plug your cord in and have the extra charger, to make sure that all of your gadgets leave with you, charged and ready to go!

4. Work with Provisions Available to You

We all love a getaway with no work to be seen. Some of us may have to take our work with us. If you are staying in a hotel that doesn’t provide you with an office area or a computer desk, check to see if they supply you with an ironing board! That can act as a perfect makeshift desk to send those last-minute emails and check up on things while you’re resting up at the hotel.

5. Airplane Mode has Uses on the Ground

We all know that when you hop on the plane, just before it takes off, you are required to turn your phone off or to “Airplane Mode.” Well, that mode has its uses in the air, but it also has uses on the ground. Turn your phone on airplane mode to make it charge considerably faster. Whether you are sharing the charger with other people or you just want to be wireless again as soon as possible, flip over to airplane mode and sit the phone down for just a few minutes. You may be amazed at how quickly you can turn 5% battery into 50%!

Travel Safe and Happy Holidays from your friends at Tech Eagles!


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